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Testimonials …
Testimonials …
We were very pleased with the work that MSH did for us on a large-scale residential renovation / addition. At the onset of the project, MSH listened to our (very scattered) thoughts on the project. Despite our inability to fully envision what we were looking for, MSH was able to come up with drawings that did an excellent job of translating our thoughts into reality. Marc's attention to the minute details of the job was outstanding, and he was extremely accommodating when we requested last-minute changes (necessitating changes to the plans and full reprinting of the certified drawings).MSH also looked in on our job during the construction phase and caught a couple of mistakes that were made by subcontractors - early enough that they could be easily corrected. Thanks to Marc's efforts, we completed an addition / renovation that we are very happy with. We would use MSH again without hesitation - on any size job.
Great Architect
MSH architects were wonderful in helping us design a complete gut and renovation of our home. Marc Hershman talked with us about our desires for the renovation, and conceived of several potential plans for us to review and think about. In the end, he came up with a nice plan that incorporated many of the excellent ideas from several of them.Marc made an effort to blend in the renovation into the neighborhood, while still accommodating our interior design wishes. Marc is well connected in the world of builders, and found us great contractors to work with (a whole other review!). Marc was also terrific during the permitting process at City Hall, making a difficult process more manageable.
Inspired Renovation, Ally in Getting Permits
MSH Architecture Associates did an outstanding job in designing our major residential addition. Marc Hershman listened and translated our ideas into an inspiring yet practical design, which was everything we asked for (and more). His painstaking attention to every detail, from the design to the selection of construction materials to the actual construction process itself was very impressive. Although our home is 25 years old, our addition fits so well with the rest of the house (both interior and exterior), so that it looks like it was part of the house the whole time. Every time someone comes into the addition we get rave reviews on the design. Also, a local real estate broker went out of her way to compliment us on the exterior design as well. Marc added tremendous value by catching a major mistake by the general contractor (which we might have only caught when it was too late), and monitored the GC to ensure that the materials he used and the workmanship were up to expectations. What’s even more impressive is that we did not have to ask Marc to play this role, but he did it out of a sense of responsibility to the project, as if it were his own home. Marc demonstrated a lot of commitment to us and to the project during the entire design and construction process, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. I would strongly recommend Marc for any project without reservation.
MSH is Outstanding and Adds Tremendous Value
When our kids moved out, we realized our 115-year-old Victorian was too much for two people. But we loved the house and we loved the location, so we decided to turn it into a legal 2-family with a separate suite where we could work and see clients (she's a writer; I'm a sound engineer). We'd done other commercial and residential projects before, and knew what we could afford. So we talked to a LOT of architects.MSH impressed us from the start. When I walked the premises with other architects, they'd nod and say 'hmmm'... and then launch into their stock presentations. Marc understood what we were trying to do, and immediately started making his own suggestions - ones we hadn't thought of - to use the space even better. Then he talked about what he'd done previously that actually applied to us. So after checking and due diligence, we gave him the job.Before he started, Marc showed up with an assistant and portable drawing board and took exact measurements of every detail: nooks, inside closets, even where a wall changed thickness by an inch. He then made computerized drawings that could have built a perfect clone of our existing house. I'd never seen a architect do this for a residential renovation... but because he did, the dreaded phrase 'Verify in Field' never showed up on our plans. So the contractors were never left scratching their heads or coming to us with expensive, unexpected problems.After he gave us his first designs, he spent a long time listening to what we didn't love, and finding ways to do what we wanted... while also applying his own sensibilities, solid building practice, and a healthy respect for local codes. As a sound engineer, my workspace had specific needs. He took my suggestions for soundproofing and acoustics, and incorporated them into a clean functional design.He then repeated the process with our contractors and their plumber and electrician, seeing what could make life easier (and cheaper) for them, and building solutions into the final plans.While our house is Victorian, it had been badly treated over the decades and we couldn't afford restoring its 19th century glory. So we left the exterior alone, and asked Marc to make the interior functional, modern, and nice... which is exactly what he did. The project went beautifully, we've been happy with our living and working spaces, and the apartment rented immediately (for more than we originally expected). I'll probably never do another project of this size again. But if I do, I'll hire MSH.
Creativity, Flexible, and Precise
MSH Architecture helped me design the house of my dreams in Washington, Connecticut. It is not always easy to have a client who has a fixed picture in her head, but Marc found wonderful solutions to the dreams, while staying within budget. The house was featured in a California magazine that praised its light and high ceiling living room central to its design. Located on a spacious site, the view and interior spaces interacted seamlessly with the natural landscape. I was thrilled with the results.
House of My Dreams
MSH Architecture Associates was very instrumental in the development at 16-18 Eliot Street in Cambridge, a two-story commercial building situated in Harvard Square. Marc Hershman, founder of MSH, was the easy choice for me to design this project because of his previous projects nearby, including 8 Eliot Street. Working with Marc was both easy and efficient, and together we successfully obtained all the necessary approvals. In the course of the design process, when it became clear that we were going to house four restaurants in the building so that the electrical requirements would be high, MSH helped orchestrate the relocation below grade of overhead utilities, including electric, telephone, and cable. This required a coordinated effort including the city of Cambridge and the utility companies. MSH’s hard work in this endeavor proved crucial in greatly improving the streetscape, because after the utility poles and wiring were removed, brand new brick paving and street lamps were installed by the city. Marc was extremely helpful in guiding the project from start to completion. His dedication and leadership were present in every step starting with the planning board presentations, through preparation of the construction documents, and finally oversight during construction. As a result, we built a very profitable building that worked well for the tenants.In addition to the building at 16-18 Eliot Street, I have used MSH Architecture Associates on many other projects, including the remodeling and build-out of commercial tenant spaces in Cambridge and downtown Boston. MSH has always been able to satisfy the tenants and helped make the properties more valuable. The attention and care that we received from MSH has been invaluable, and I recommend MSH Architecture Associates wholeheartedly.
MSH Architecture Associates has done many projects for me involving commercial properties in Greater Boston. Marc Hershman, the principal architect, has been a great help in improving my properties and in turn increasing their value.  From successful restaurants to upgraded retail spaces and multi-family residences, Marc has always been able to add value to our properties. His understanding of developers and property owners’ needs shows in the work he does, and the tenant improvements have always been thoughtful, creative, and well-received by the tenants.For example, at a property on Moody Street in Waltham, I had a retail tenant leave, creating an unused space at the rear of the building. MSH was able to design two restaurants, one fronting on Moody Street and the other taking up the freed-up space in the back, generating a brand-new retail presence accessible from the side street.  MSH was also able to easily solve our most difficult design problems at this site, by dealing with egress issues and providing common bathrooms, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to a complex space problem.There were times when I thought a project was too small to involve an architect, but I still called MSH to see how they could help, and they would creatively solve our spatial needs, building problems, or handicap accessibility issues. Their timely work has always been worth the investment and produced numerous tenant spaces that are profitable and that I am proud to own.  I strongly recommend MSH Architecture Associates because of their care and diligence in every detail of their work and their ability to work well with all parties involved in a project.
Stone Real Estate Trust, Waltham