MSH Adds Value To Properties, Provides Cost Effective Solutions to Complex Space Problems

MSH Architecture Associates has done many projects for me involving commercial properties in Greater Boston. Marc Hershman, the principal architect, has been a great help in improving my properties and in turn increasing their value.  From successful restaurants to upgraded retail spaces and multi-family residences, Marc has always been able to add value to our properties. His understanding of developers and property owners’ needs shows in the work he does, and the tenant improvements have always been thoughtful, creative, and well-received by the tenants.

For example, at a property on Moody Street in Waltham, I had a retail tenant leave, creating an unused space at the rear of the building. MSH was able to design two restaurants, one fronting on Moody Street and the other taking up the freed-up space in the back, generating a brand-new retail presence accessible from the side street.  MSH was also able to easily solve our most difficult design problems at this site, by dealing with egress issues and providing common bathrooms, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to a complex space problem.

There were times when I thought a project was too small to involve an architect, but I still called MSH to see how they could help, and they would creatively solve our spatial needs, building problems, or handicap accessibility issues. Their timely work has always been worth the investment and produced numerous tenant spaces that are profitable and that I am proud to own.  I strongly recommend MSH Architecture Associates because of their care and diligence in every detail of their work and their ability to work well with all parties involved in a project.